People behind it

Tomasz Andryszewski

Tomasz Andryszewski, Ph.D.

Tomasz has broad expertise in fabrication of novel functional materials, based on conducting polymers and metallic and non-metallic nanoparticles. He graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun, where he specialized in polymer synthesis and characterization of their fluorescent properties.

His time spent working as a researcher in a biotechnology specializing company, where he developed in-vitro diagnosis reagents, gave him a valuable insight into the area of biochemically focused studies.
He has 14 granted patents and 25 patent applications, and is a co-author of 5 publications in internationally accredited chemical journals.

Tomasz is one of the key researchers and co-founders of SILIQUAN.

Michalina Iwan

Michalina Iwan, Ph.D.

Michalina is a graduate of the University of Warsaw, Department of Chemistry. She has been working as an academic researcher at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences since 2011.

She has extensive experience in the area of nanomaterial synthesis and characterization. She specializes in organic synthesis of surface ligands for coating of nanoobjects and preparation of various metallic and non-metallic nanoparticles. 2D and 3D nanomaterial fabrication via self-organization processes are also amongst her research interests. Working as a researcher on a number of EU funded grants has allowed her to gain the necessary proficiency in the area of nanomaterial preparation and handling.

Michalina is one of the key researchers and co-founders of SILIQUAN.

Robert Hołyst, Prof.

Robert is a principal investigator at the Soft Condensed Matter Group, with extensive experience in leadership and management. He was a member of several research funding committees, incl. ERC panel, and the Director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Robert has a very strong record of collaboration with business sector (Mitsui Chemicals Inc., Samsung and Unilever).

Current research topics: soft matter, biologistics, biological chemistry, statistical physics, techniques: FCS, PCS, capillary electrophoresis TDA. Web of Science bibliometric data: publications 248 (and 3 books, one in Springer Verlag 2012), total citations ca. 4000, h-index=34; more than 40 patent applications, 15 patents granted (incl. USA, the Netherlands, Switzerland). He was a cofounder of 2 spin-off companies.

Siliquan is a cooperation of internationally aknowledged research groups: